Pagan Resources

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If you are a pagan parent and are looking for books for your child, ways to include them in ritual work, or want to teach them the Holiday Stories, check out the Pagan Parents Page.  There is a wonderful array of resources at your fingertips to help you along.


Would you like to find like-minded people in your area?  Read the Pagan Forums page.  There will be lists of sites where pagans go to meet, talk, and more!


Here at Rising Goddess, we will continually update the Pagan Resources page when we find something of value.  If you know of a resource that would benefit others drop us a line and share :)

If you are interested in linking to this site, or would like to promote your site, let us know!

Places to visit


The Witches Voice offers festival updates, and listings of other pagans in your area.  Study groups, covens, articles, and so much more is available here.  There is a great area for pagan parents to visit too. 


Lately I have reading on Shamanism and soul retrieval.  A very interesting~and informative~website called Shamanic Teachers gives good information on shamanism, but also on how to find practitioners near you.  None are listed in WV, but I am searching.  If you know of Shamans in the local area, let me know and I will link to them!