Coffee Night Videos


Coffee Night is the first Thursday of every month, and during the summer we will be having it at Ridenour Lake in Nitro.  Just turn down 21st street and there it is!  It will always be shelter #1 unless something comes up.  


Now that you know when and where, would you like to know why?

I thought you would!

We have made so many friends during the last few years that we wanted to spend time with them, and see what's going on in their neck of the woods.  It was difficult to try and visit after work because (as anyone who has ever had their own business knows) there is never really an "after work".  So, we invited them to a big get together once a month!  It has grown so large that we no longer hold it in the shop, and we have a guest speaker from whatever event is happening that month.


That being said, if you can't make it to coffee night, here's the next best thing!

All the videos are filmed in real time with very little to no editing so you don't miss a thing!

Hope you enjoy.

~Brightest Blessings~