Textured Painting, Inspiration, and The Result

01/18/2010 21:51

Inspiration and Instruction

Hello Everyone :)

I have finished (and photographed) my new art piece that was a commission for a friend. It is untitled as I don't know what to call it yet. This inspiration for my work was found by accident. As I was browsing artwork on the internet I found a few pieces that used texture that were extremely interesting. This one was found in an article on one way to create paint texture. The link will take you to the article. It is very interesting, and a good read for anyone who wants to explore creating texture.
I found it very interesting because of the finished piece, but this bare bones part of the work gave me some ideas on how I could create this myself.

Melanee Herrera and Mixed Media
This is from an artist named Melanee Herrera who creates some beautiful textured mixed media pieces that are abstract in form. Her Blog is titled Mixed Media and Folk Art, and it discusses not only what she creates, but where it can be found.
This is a closeup of the piece which can be found in her blog. I love the colors and textures, and it has a wonderful flow. It was the one which inspired me!

From Inspiration to Finished Product

Here is my finished piece. The woman who commissioned the piece wanted something strong and simple that portrayed her new spiritual identity and journey. She feels that individuals need to find their inner peace, and project love and acceptance to others, and society needs to see that and not focus on the busy surroundings that we live in.

She is very happy with the result, but I am going to work from this and see what else I can do with texture.

(*the above painting is not the commission, but recreated from it)
A New Concept in the Works

I have been very interested in "The Tree of Life" that appears in many cultures and want to do a textured mixed media painting of one. I started with a mock-up to see what I could do. On Watercolor paper I used Hot Glue, upholstery thread, and a decoupage medium with tissue paper. It is officially finished, and now belongs to my Husband because he walked in and told to me stop what I was doing-he really liked it.

As it is (for me) just a mock-up, he is welcome to it :) I wonder what he'll do with it?