New Products

08/09/2010 11:17

The weekend went great!  Glad I finally got my parchment paper in, only Ivory right now, going to get some gold, greens, and pinks in the next two weeks.  Placed an order, so here is what you can look forward to seeing next weekend:

New Wind chimes (assorted prices)
Wooden box with brass pentacle inlay (4*6) $11.25
Wooden box with brass Zuni Sun symbol (4*6) $ 11.25
Soapstone aroma lamp with sliding door for candle $7.00
Dragons blood Incense Resin (1/2 oz.) 3.35
Dragon's Blood cone incense (10 cones to a pack) $1.00 a pack
Dragon's Blood stick incense (8 sticks per box) $1.00 a box
Moon stick incense (8 sticks per box) $1.00 a box
Sandalwood Soap $2.50  a bar