New Orders In!

10/30/2010 07:58

Merry Meet, Everyone!

We had three orders come in this week!  Lots of Books, Bags, and New Tarot!  We also have the electric oil warmers back in stock. 

They make a great Chrsitmas or Birthday gift and you never have to worry about having to buy more candles!  Just pour in your favorite diluted scent in the upper glass tray, and the 40 watt halogen bulb (included) will warm the oil and release a beautiful fragrance into the air.  If the scent is too strong, just use the dimmer switch to lower the heat!

Would you rather use candles?  These styles use tealights to warm the oil, and warm the room with beautiful aromas and a quiet, flickering glow.

Many colors and designs are available in each style.

Blue Sage, Feather Sage, and Cedar Smudge Wands are in, along with smudge pots. 

Books on the way of the Shaman, Witchcraft, Tarot, Runes, Buddhism, and Jesus are available in the shop.

Our new tarot includes the DaVinci Tarot, Sacred Geometry, The Buddha Tarot, The Magical Menagerie, and more!

Stop in for some great new items!

See you soon!


Brightest Blessings,

The Rising Goddess