Reading? Writing? Check out The Pagan and the Pen!

01/19/2010 09:08

Are You A Writer?

There is a wonderful resource for all the pagans out there, from The Pagan and the Pen.  Are you a writer that would like a review, or some exposure?  The Pagan and the Pen will review your work, no matter what faith you are (or are not).  So if you would like to read the works of others, or visit their websites, Visit The Pagan and the Pen.


Do You Just Enjoy Reading?

If you are not a writer, don't think that The Pagan and the Pen is not for you!  Come and read some short stories or articles that are posted.  They are entertaining and well written.


Are You Looking for Information?


The Pagan and the Pen also has a wealth of information from their contributing authors, my favorite of which is the Pagan Holidays Article that C. H. Scarlett writes whenever something is coming up.  The Article for today covers the next three days.  It includes a little history (such as in Norse Culture, today is an observance for Thor), what is observed now (like Husband's Day is observed in many parts of the world), and-here...I'll just let you check it out




On the Pagan and the Pen you can check out the authors seperately, or just visit and read the posts of the day!  So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea, and enjoy yourself



All information for C.H. Scarlett's article can be found here.  I give full credit to the author