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Merry Meet

Welcome to Rising Goddess Goods!

As you journey on your path, you will find that as you grow and change, so do your needs.  Here you will find many gifts for you, your loved ones, and for those you will come to know.  I will share knowledge with you from a variety of sources that will help you succeed in bringing the divine a little closer to your heart.

Pagan Resources

Are you a parent who needs guidance on guiding your children down your path or their own?  Visit the Pagan Parent page.  It contains information on how to teach about the Sabbat and what it means to you, as well as some ideas on crafts for your family during the holidays.

Are you looking for spells, books, or apparrel?  Visit our Pagan Products page.  Here you will find links to wiccan stores and sites that allow you to customize your own apparrel, or you can buy products already created by others.  If you would like to add your site to this list, let me know!

Would you like to speak to others on the path, but don't know of any?  Visit our Pagan Forums page, filled with links and descriptions of forums that you can visit.

Spiritual Gifts

Are you looking for a special gift, or ritual tool?  Then visit our Spiritual Gifts section!  Many items are available, from locally crafted artwork to altar tools like athame, bolines, and so much more.  This section will grow with time, so keep checking back.  



So, grab a cup of herbal tea, relax, and enjoy your visit!  Drop us a note in our guestbook and let us know you've had fun!


May your path be full of happiness.






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