To Draw Your Love To You

To Draw Your Love To You

This ritual kit contains most everything you need to draw your love to you!

A sachet bag of selected herbs ready for empowering,

An extra sachet bag so you can personalize the ritual with a photo or other item,

A candle ready for you to work your will upon,

Easy to read instructions, with suggestions on how to boost your energies,

Incense selected for the rituals purpose,

Threads with proper color association that are braided and ready for use,

Words Of Power printed seperatly to keep in your Book Of Shadows, or for ritual reversal if needed.


The only items you will need is something sharp to inscribe a name on the candle, and something fire-safe to burn your candle and incense on.


 As with all rituals involving love, remeber that all should be done without interference of another's free will.  This ritual is used to draw love your way: love that is true, pure, enduring, and filled with passion.  This is not so you can have a date on Saturday night with that cute person in chemistry class, this is for that person that you just can't live without.


I'm sure you know, but I have to say it...

Fire is dangerous!  Commen sense is needed.  Please use caution when burning candles, incense, or any other flame, and don't leave burning or smoldering items unnattended.  Keep fire away from pets, clothing, children, curtains, and always use fire-safe containers with your candles and incense. 


the power of the ritual is based on the will of the worker.  Your energy determines the outcome.


May the Goddess be with you always.


Brightest Blessings to You and Yours.