Golden Turtle Totem $20.00

Golden Turtle Totem  $20.00

A silver turtle encased in gold and glass,

A spiral that echos within us all, bringing good luck and blessings to those who wear it.

The Turtle Totem is one of magic and mysticism.  It symbolizes the earth, nuturing, and protection,   It is also considered mother energy because

in Native American culture, the turtle brought the earth out of the sea upon his back to give the people a home.  To have a turtle totem is a call to embrace and emulate the qualities of : patience, giving back to nature, being mindful of nature, and grounding onself in earth energy.


Each piece is individually crafted when the order is placed, so each piece is as unique as you are!  Only the pendant is available, no chain is included in the purchase.  A large jump ring is made for each jewelry piece and will fit on a variety of chains or cords.