Childrens books

Are you looking for stories for your children?  Check out this site that carries pagan children's picture books!  A wonderful resource for any parent. Here are the synopsis for the stories.

Rabbit's Song by SJ TuckerRabbit’s Song

In the time before time, Trickster searches among the animals for a teacher.

Find out who he chooses and why. A tale where the nice guy is the hero.

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Thomas catches who’s hiding in the dark. They are fairies sent to protect him all night long.

A comforting bedtime tale for children with fear of the dark.

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Aidan's First Full Moon Circle - teaching Wicca to Pagan childrenAidan’s First Full Moon Circle Walk with a Pagan boy through the excitement of one ritual, and the discovery that he has been chosen

to play a very important part in the night’s events.

2009 COVR Visionary Awards Finalist: An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child

An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child - Pagan picture books for teaching WiccaA wonderfully illustrated Pagan kid’s book that explores Pagan magic,
Wiccan customs and holidays through one child’s point of view.

“…this work is an enjoyable romp along with Rabbit and her family
as she learns about her religious path. The story is timeless, and the
information within even more so. This book should be a required text for
any religious study involving our youth — both Pagan and Non-Pagan…” …Excerpt from the foreword, M. R. Sellars

Join Rabbit in a joyful spin around the Wheel of the Year as she celebrates with her family and
learns about herself and her Pagan Ways.

illustrated with original watercolor paintings. Written for school-aged
children, whether they are being raised Pagan or just are curious about a
friend or relative’s spiritual Path, this book explains in a clear
and gentle voice just what a Pagan is, what Wiccans believe and how one
family celebrates throughout the year