Voodoo Violence and Accustions hits Close to Home

11/02/2010 19:43

 Dolls are just Dolls, right?

The answer is yes and no.  As a girl my mother and I would often make Dolls for fun.  They allowed us to spend time together and help to build the foundation for much of the crafting I do now.  As I have gotten older I have read up on different religions and discovered a much different kind of doll- a Voodoo doll.

While Voodoo, and it's close cousin Hoodoo, use dolls called poppets in many magical ways it is not something that should be frightening.  For example, suppose that you would like to have more money.  You could make a prosperity poppet out of green fabric filled with chamomile, ginger, cinnamon, clover, and a stone such as snowflake obsidian or sodalite.  Sounds kind of interesting?  Most people think so.  Often the misconception that magic and pagan rituals are silly or dangerous is perpetuated through misinformation and not having knowledge or an open mind.

Violence in the Name of Voodoo

On Sunday, October 19th in Ohio, the Martin family blamed Voodoo for their misfortunes.  Patrica was in a car accident, her son was charged with attempted murder, and her grandchild's living conditions are being investigated by the local Child Welfare Services.  All of this because she found voodoo dolls in her yard.  She says that a neighbor (whom she has a longstanding feud with) makes and sells them. While the maker of the dolls denies responsibility, Patricia Martin feels otherwise.

In Bainbridge Georgia on October 9th, a man Bellsouth telephone worker was shot at by Cecil Thornton who believed that voodoo and black magic was placed in front of his house by the worker.

In Pittsfield, Massachusetts Fofana attacked a woman in a grocery store because she believed the other woman was practicing voodoo against her.

Surely it Couldn't Happen Here...

In Nitro, WV on October 17th, Anthony Harrah woke to the sound of gunshots at his home on 3rd Avenue.  The police investigated and discovered Joel Marshall Turley had shot at Harrah's home in self-defense because Harrah was practicing Voodoo and Witchcraft against him.

While the shooter is said to have some mental issues, it is still very disturbing.  For one, I don't remember voodoo ever making the news before unless it was in connection with a business name.  There is some story about a celebrity wanting a voodoo wedding, but you know how it is with celebrity news-best taken with a grain of salt.

The second reason that I find it all so disturbing is Nitro is my backyard.  My children attend the local school.  I shop here.  I live here.  Should I be worried, and more importantly, should you?

We all need to help educate the public on our beliefs.  Just because my church is the woods and my pastor the nature around me does not make me, or anyone who is not of a traditional faith, dangerous. 

Let us hope that these are just isolated incidents that do not continue.  May the God/dess be with you.  Blessings.