Looking for books?

11/02/2010 19:35

Greetings, everyone!


Over the course of the last few months I have been reading about religion and spirituality. A good friend gave me some books to borrow, and after I finished I decided that I would purchase them myself. I looked everywhere I could locally, but did not find very much (I'm sure that many of you reading this understand exactly where I'm coming from). I could only find them online, and I really don't like to buy books online for myself. My friends and I often share books to help defray the cost, and to keep a good circle of information going. Thats when I realized that having books available in the shop could be really great! The only problem is, some of the books can be pretty expensive and money's tight for everyone right now. There are a ton of books that I would love to buy right now, but finding extra cash for books isn't always easy. And there's nothing worse than buying a book for $30 only to find that you really don't like it...


Thats why Rising Goddess Goods is going to carry a Literary Works Section, with something special just for you!

And this is how it works...

You buy a book for $20.00, and decide after reading it, you would rather get something else. So, bring it back to the store and get store credit towards your next purchase!

New books are listed at cover price.

Used books are listed at 1/2 cover price.

You receive store credit at 1/4 cover price.

Use your store credit on your next used book purchase!


Let's say Bob brings in a book and recieves $10 in store credit ($40 cover price). He wants to buy a used book listed for $12.50. Because he has $10 in store credit, he only pays $2.50 for this book! But what if he decides that he would rather buy a used book listed at $5.00? Then he brings it to the counter, shows me his membership card, and walks out with his book and still has $5 in store credit!

Do you have books collecting dust in your bookcase that you never read? Bring them in! If it is a is a spiritual, metaphysical, or herbal book, you could earn store credit too! Please understand that store credit is good for any used book in the shop, but new books can only be purchased with cash.

If you have any questions, let me know! I'm always happy to help.

Brightest Blessings!